Billions Perform A Google Search Daily

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A Google search is, by far, the most preferred since Google is considered by many as the premier search engine. So much so that "to google" has become a popular phrase these days. If someone is looking for something online, they are usually 'googling' it. 

Billions of searches are performed on a daily basis ! Somewhere in the region of 3 billion to be exact. What a staggering amount ! And that is on Google alone.

Google uses complex algorithms to rank websites in its index. Once you have done a Google Search for whatever it is you may be trying to look for, Google returns the most relevant sites, with the most relevant one being in the #1 spot.

Google was conceived by Larry Page and Sergei Brin in 1997, and was also launched on September 15th of the same year. Both were still at college at the time. Back then they were competing against Altavista. Nowadays, whenever people look for almost anything on the internet, they always head over to Google and perform a Google Search.

What type of information can one find on Google ? Virtually anything.

Health information
Purchase your dream vacation in Africa (or anywhere)
View movie times at your local cinema 
Locate lost friends and family
Find love
Food recipes
View live events 
....and the list goes on.....

Once you hit the "search" button you will normally get the relevant results for your query in a split second (and Google tells you how long the search took). Any Google Search will usually display 10 results per page, also telling you the number of competing websites (usually meaning the number of webpages with the keyword you searched for).

There are a few tricks that the majority of people are unaware of where it comes to performing a Google Search. For instance, let's say you wanted to find out the time in Mumbai. Instead of typing "what's the time in Mumbai ?", you simply type, "time Mumbai". Saves you time.

Need to find the definition of a certain word, like antithesis, for example ? Simple. Type the word "define" followed by a colon (:) then hit search. define:antithesis. These days even dictionaries are online. No need to carry that heavy book any more.

Want to see a map of a certain city, town, or even village ? Just type in the name of the locale followed the word "map".

Did you just receive a phone call from an unknown number (US and Canada only) with an unfamiliar area code ? Want to know where it came from ? Just type in, for example "562". That's it.

These are just a couple of the tricks when it comes to using Google Search.

Due to its popularity, Google has expanded to several countries, offering searches in their respective languages. You can now perform a Google Search in Swahili, Tamil, French, Kurdish, Croatian, and Italian, amongst others. You can perform a Google search in 124 languages.



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